Buying FB accounts - is PVA needed when I PVA myself?

When buying FB accounts, it’s obvious that the older they are - the better they are.

But what about PVA?

I’ll explain: When I bought accounts in the past, I always bought aged PVA accounts, and then I always added my own sim cards (real sims, not smspva stuff… LOL) to them, so that when FB flag me and send me the text message, I can recover them.

So now I’m thinking if it was actually needed to buy AGED PVA accounts, instead of AGED accounts (which cost less), since I add me own number (i.e. I do my own PVA) to them.

Any ideas?


If the seller does not remove the number before sending you the accounts, if pva is required Then you must ask him for re-pva that not many sellers do-Becaause fb need the old number to repva.Even then if they used(they did actually) online sms,2day i lost 10 fb accounts 5+ yold because as i understood seller did Not remove the numbers from accounts.

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No need to buy PVAs if you intend to keep those accounts. At some point, you’ll be asked to do PV anyway. For IG, it’s OK, you can change the number, but if you get it on FB and you don’t have access to the phone number, well… you’re screwed.

AGED Non PVA are best, of course if you have access to cheap sim cards.


I know (or I think I know LOL) that some people buy FB PVA accounts and don’t add their own sim to it, and only use sims when they get flagged by FB. So until the account gets flagged, it still has the original number that was used to PVA it.

But I never understand how that works, since when FB flag me, they tell me that they’re gonna send a text to the number on that account. They don’t ask me if I want to change that number. So obviously I don’t have the number (the seller has it).

That’s why I always added my own sims immediately. But obviously I was limited by the cost of the sims.

What am I missing?

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Maybe they remove the phone number immediately after they buy the account and log in.
Anyway, I don’t see purpose of buying PVA accounts, really… You’ll get PV sometimes, you’ll need to verify them anyway by using your own phone number, so it’s just unnecessary cost.


Yeah, I now agree with you.

What do you do regarding the email?

Let’s say you but a FB account that was created with,
but the seller doesn’t give you the pswd to the gmail account.

Do you remove the email, and add your own email?
Do you remove the email and that’s it?
Do you keep the email there?

To be honest, I haven’t thought much about it. But if you don’t have access to email best solution is to remove it and add new one.

Personally, I never removed them since I got access to email from each seller I bought the accounts from.


Does the same apply for ig pva aged ? Because you mention i can change the phone for ig so i can re-pva them , but when time comes for re-pv , i cannot access my accounts to enter my new phone and re-pv them , right ? At least the online sms service to can re-pv them with same number , is that ok ?

You Never Ever buy accounts without email , there are many sellers giving acess to mails , why buy from those who don’t

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Yes, you can change phone number on IG even when you get phone verification, but it’s just stupid to buy PVA IG accounts. They’re more expensive than non PVA and you’ll have to verify them at one point anyway.

And don’t use online services, get some sim cards. There are couple of services here selling real sim cards.

Do you know if Facebook give the option to do phone verification at verification checkpoints on Non-PVA accounts if the account has never been verified by mobile before?
I’m basically wondering if I can just buy Non-PVA FB accounts and not worry about verifying them until they happen to hit a checkpoint, at which point I hopefully get the option to mobile verify. Is this likely? Or is it more likely to just get smashed with a photo verification that the account won’t pass?

Please excuse my ignorance. I’m wondering for what reasons you need access to the email registered to the Facebook account? What scenarios do you use it?

yea… your id is good, i have lots of age facebook accounts

I don’t see any need for buying PVA accounts. I simply buy SIMs and verify accounts myself. That way if FB does security check on me, I shall not be stack because I don’t have access to SIM.

Where I live SIMs cost about $1.4 so they are very cheap. Although I am based in EU, I register these SIMs on the FB accounts with US address. Done it about 100 times so far, not a single problem. In other words, you don’t need US SIM to register US FB account. You can use SIM from any other country.

Americans travel all around the world. They buy SIMs while they are traveling, so it doesn’t make sense for FB to limit that too much.

Anyway, that works for me quit well.


May I ask what details you put for registering/activating the SIM card?
Does it ask for name, address, ID, etc? (They do in Australia). Are you able to get by putting in fake details, or do you have many SIMs in your name?

Where I am, they don’t ask any personal details for SIMs. I am talking about Pay-as-You-Go SIMs, not Paid Monthly SIMs.

Can you recommend me where to buy the sim ? @Adnan

Hi @Junk-DNA

How long for the sim you use, i mean its expiration date last 1 year or forever

Thank you

You can check out with @kraadnc

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I never checked that, but all of 20 sims I have lasted longer than 6 months.