Buying followers for slaves (social proofing)


Anyone know of a WORKING servive to provide something like 1k followers to accounts? I’m not following up on what services are working still (even at a higher price) but i’d love to get pointed in the right direction.

Other than that, what are the potential risks of buying followers since the armageddon? Will it trigger AC, PV, EV or ban?

I’m just looking to social proof my accounts. I’m aware of the ER drop and all that stuff.

Thank you

EDIT: PLEASE NO DM’S! (especially not from just joined members)

Most panels can provide this, however the drop off of these followers is quite big so watch out for that.

Well i’m unaware of which can still deliver since there had been huge problems. The drop off is fine. It’s needed for me to get people to stick with the slaves for a bit. It will replace the fakes but no one’s gonna follow an account of 20 followers so without social proofing i’m losing precious timee

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I am in a similar boat and have thought about that before.

Running tons of slaves and the beginning is really time intensive.

The question is though is it a worthy trade-off? Because especially after the recent updates, it seems it would lower your accounts trust-score even more and make it even more difficult to follow user without blocks.

If it’s only for the initial start it’s def worth it

Be aware of this.

Social Proofing is not compatible with Trust Score.

IG knows if you’re buying followers, so your trust score will decrease and AC risk will increase.

IMO, I’d buy aged accounts and start automating em.


I would make the slaves and then grow them fast using a fast growing niche, then one the account is around 1000 quality followers, delete all the posts and turn it in to a slave

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When I bought followers (around 2000 at the same time) I got PV.

Yeah i also had bad experience buying fake followers for fresh slave accounts

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Wouldn’t recommend either

That’s exactly what I’m saying. Not sure why the other guy said it’s worth it.

My slaves arent meant for its trustscore (which if it mattered would come back over time. They are solely for it’s automation. They dont get updated with reposts or anything. That’s why it’s 200% worth it.

So apart from people’s recommendation, i’d be happy to get a lead. I can live with a pv or ac once in a while

For those thinking it’s not worth with. My strat has already got my business into the 6 figs.


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@oneoneseven 100 is enough i think, 1000 is too much too risk.

I’d say 100 is enough to start during the warm up :slight_smile:

Many providers, compare them ^^

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It just seems hard believe there us actual risk of banning or anything. I mean so many people including big companies where you see daily losses of followers and then on a specific day all green in thousands…

Even then, dont care much about it’s trustscore or ER at this point. That’s for later when the fakes will fade and be replaced with actual followers

It’s jus that people are WAY LESS lilely to follow back when you have an acc between 10-100 followers

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100% agree with @oneoneseven, I experienced businesses with 10K-100K slaves and fake followers was always the first thing to do with the slaves, 1-2000 per account, and then they used the slaves to follow other slaves (once they got to thousands of slaves active).

I’m trying to get to that point where i’ll just social proof them with my own slaves but i dont have enough yet to cover for that

We are in the same boat.
I was thinking that we could partner here, we have members with 10-100 slaves, so maybe to create our own network would be a nice solution. (not only for proofing)

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Unfortanately it’s not something i’m willing to do due to privacy. But thanks though!

What it has to do with Privacy? Don’t get it.

Privacy around the business?