Buying Followers to get an account banned?

Iโ€™m curious, and if this goes against the rules let me know, this is certainly unethical to an extent.

If I have an account that I want to take over the name of, but it has been inactive for several years, has anyone successfully purchased thousands and thousands of followers for the account to get them banned, thus swooping in and taking the handle?


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Banned accounts donโ€™t lose the handle it disappears along with the account and you canโ€™t take it.

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fuuuuuuuuuuuu. alright then

Stop with the theory that you can get an account banned by buying fake followers.
Why do so many people continue to believe and spread this nonsense?

Buying fake followers does not get the account banned.

If they are not active, have you tried contacting them to see if they would sell the account to you? Seems a much more ethical way then blasting it with fake followers.

My 2 cents is that people put way too much focus/time/investment on a name. Pick something and go with it. You will have more success in life moving forward then waiting for all the right things to line up (hint: they rarely will). If it is that important, then change it by adding a character to it.

All the best buddy!

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Not attempting to promote untruths, I am genuinely curious and I knew I wasnโ€™t original in the thought.

Much love m8s