Buying IG account - what to look for?

Hello guys, I have an offer to buy an account that’s in my niche and some advice would be much appreciated.
The account has 3.7k followers, 4 months old, and based on websta 526% engagement (35 posts, mainly likes, comments range anywhere b/w 5-14 per post, rest is likes). Offering price is $40.
How does this sound to you? Is the price reasonable? Also what should I be cautious of in case I decide to proceed with buying? Never done it before, so would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!

check try to see a graph of their follower growth. if they gained 500+ followers in a day they likely bought fake ones.

actually look at the profiles of the followers. do they look like real people?

same thing with the profiles of people that like and comment on the photos. are these real people?

You can also check socialblade to see what their follow/unfollow activity has been like. Is that how they got all their followers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (better than buying fake followers) but you want to know.

how did you calculate 526% engagement? when ppl talk about engagement rates usually they are talking about how many likes/comments a photo gets compared to how many followers the account gets. If a 3.7k follower account gets 37 likes/comments on a photo the engagement rate is 1% (which is in-line with typical engagement rates).

$40 sounds cheap to me if the followers and engagement are real. It sounds like a ripoff if they are fake.

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Thanks mcstutter! I’ve tried checking them on socialblade but it tells me the system is attempting to add the account for future crawling, so it is isn’t currently displaying any info. Other than that followers look real, only a few do not have profile pictures and even they seem to have followers and posts. Account has 3.7k followers and 5.7k following which also makes me think it is perhaps real.
The 526% engagement I took directly from websta. I think the way it is calculated - it looks into the likes/comments of your latest 20 posts and then divide that number by your account followers.
Should I decide to buy, what should I be cautious of? Is there a way for this guy to claim it back somehow? Can I change emails, etc.?

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If you want i can take a look at the account for you. Just sent me the name by pm.



up to you on buying it. looks like it was grown w/ the follow unfollow method because of high number of accounts it is following.

Just be prepared to lose 500ish followers if you go unfollow all 5000.

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Thanks for the advice, appreciate it!

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