Buying IG Data (Database or new)


Looking to buy IG Data, can be a previously scraped databse or to be scraped as well.

Buying in bulk DM me with your pricing.

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DM sent
I have an existing database of over 70m pages(and growing) with full data
I can also do custom scrapes

Send me a DM i got you

how big do yu want?


You may check out:

Hey my friend :slight_smile:
you can check out or to send me a message for any help,
we’re scraping followers, following, # and soon verfied users again, IG changed it again haha but we will win :slight_smile:

Those prices are proper fraudulent man :rofl: software looks unreal but can’t see anyone being profitable at those price points.

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Hey do you speak about Give Me Data? :slight_smile:

Looks like a fair deal to me :smiley:

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Hey, I recently bought data from someone on MPSocial and got scammed, so be careful. I talked to support from my other account, and they said it’s not under their control. Someone from this forum promised me 120 million emails, I paid over 8k, but only got 85 million emails from Instagram. Be careful and make sure to check, as people are promising 120 million ‘data’ but not actual leads, which he didn’t let me know before I bought them. Data is great, but wouldn’t have paid 8k for it. Just spreading awareness in this forum, as a lot of people are promising data. @iamxher099.