Buying Instagram Accounts. Paypal

Hey Everyone,

I would like to buy an instagram account.
My Ideal account would be

1.Used to be active but hasn´t posted in a while.

  1. Has OG email

  2. Over 120K followers

I am a serious buyer who can pay via paypay. I can pay $70 per 50K followers, as soon as today. Please pm me if you have an account, I can buy a few acounts. Thank You & message me

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You want an real account, real followers in a certain niche, but just not active. And then pay this price?

That will be a long search for that price :slight_smile:

Good luck tho.



Maybe this is a typo? If not, you want to multiply that $70 by 10 if you really really want a high quality account. Can you even get to 50k fake followers with $70?

This sounds too good to be true imo. It’s either an account with fake followers or there is something really wrong with the account. Mind me asking what’s wrong or why you’re selling?

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I have over 100+ pages to sell ranging from 20-200k followers. PM Me.

Fitness, Automotive, Travel, Luxury, Pets, Cannabis, hmu.

I’m looking for $4-$7/k though.

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