Buying Instagram Accounts

Hey, I’m interested in buying an instagram account that already has 100k+ followers.

It needs to be in a niche where there are a lot of women who follow it (like makeup, romance, astrology, etc)

Where should I look to buy these accounts? And how do I make sure that they’re legit so that I don’t end up getting screwed over?




I have got a 215K humor page, 76% woman, 20K likes per post.

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I’ve bought some instagram accounts, but I’ve noticed that the seller will receive an email from instagram allowing them to reset their account password / email address / etc. (They’ll receive the emaill to the instagram account’s previous email address when you change the email address on the account to your own) So someone could sell you an account, even actually give you control of said account, and then take the account back once the money has cleared. Anyone with more experience about this?

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When buying an account, ask to the seller to give you access to the OG mail aka original mail or registration mail.

Once you have it, secure the mail and he won’t recover it back.

If he says he doesn’t have it, he could be lying and he just will recover the account a few weeks later


Thanks for the response, as I’ll be looking into buying more accounts shortly

I would think many sellers won’t be able to give access because it will be their personal email address

So there’s actually no protection for the buyer

Is there any other way of solving this?

Not really, maybe being friend of one of his friends, you cannot report a scam like this since selling IG accounts is not allowed

What’s the username

@dma0245 Danny sells Growth accounts with followers. He’s also a very helpful member :slight_smile: Could check with him.


Without access to the creation email, the original owner can always “hack” the page back. Be careful

This Is Very True