Buying instagram followers...?

Hi there,

I was looking to buy the highest quality and safest instagram followers. I suppose I have two questions.

  • What is the best of the best service out there for that?

  • In your opinion, is this safe to do?

Many thanks!

Are you talking about fake followers ?

If yes, you need to try your luck on few panels and see which ones fit your business the most (non-drop, quality, speed,…). I won’t recommend any as I never ordered on a panel.

If you’re talking about getting real followers, that’s another question and you can try a few different methods (F/U from main account, Mother/Child, IG ads, Shoutouts). Test them with a small budget (each one of them) and stick to the one with the best ROI.

About the safety, the 4 strategies above are, F/U too if done properly by experts who know what they’re doing, otherwise I would avoid for automation beginners.

buying followers has to come with a specific strategy. it has to be mixed with other areas of reaching out to audience.

It’s not safe at all. Don’t ever do it. Just create relatable contents and use relevant hashtags to your niche/topic, and followers will come naturally, the real ones at that. The ones that would be glad to engage with you and even buy from you. You just need to have patience. If you’re looking to make money especially, getting followers is out of the importance at all. People would still buy even if you only have less than 10 followers if they like and need your product/service. Just do three things:

  1. Create relatable contents
  2. Put CTA to your offer in every posts
  3. Always, and always, use relevant hashtags. I cannot emphasize this more to you, really. This is the best hashtag strategy out there.

Speaking from multiple experience of selling on a brand new Instagram account since 2015 :v:t3:.

I really wouldn’t recommend buying followers at allll! It would be quite obvious that your followers are fake, which is instantly a red flag to buyers; for example, if you have 10,000 followers and only get 10 likes on a post - not a good sign. So, just get your followers organically by investing in sponsored ads, engaging content, and whatnot.

Indeed, followers coming from panels aren’t worth it if you want to have an organic amount & ratio of interactions for the followers number you currently have :+1:

However nowadays with AI, you can get a network of followers that not only follow your page, but also engage with your content on a daily basis. By programming a simple algorithm, you can seamlessly deliver “organic” interactions, in order to establish social proof from genuine accounts.

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