Buying instagram followers...?

Hi there,

I was looking to buy the highest quality and safest instagram followers. I suppose I have two questions.

  • What is the best of the best service out there for that?

  • In your opinion, is this safe to do?

Many thanks!

Are you talking about fake followers ?

If yes, you need to try your luck on few panels and see which ones fit your business the most (non-drop, quality, speed,…). I won’t recommend any as I never ordered on a panel.

If you’re talking about getting real followers, that’s another question and you can try a few different methods (F/U from main account, Mother/Child, IG ads, Shoutouts). Test them with a small budget (each one of them) and stick to the one with the best ROI.

About the safety, the 4 strategies above are, F/U too if done properly by experts who know what they’re doing, otherwise I would avoid for automation beginners.