Buying Instagram pages

Hey, so I am looking to buy some accounts, and I found few on flipmass, I used them before and it was all good, bought like 5-6 accounts and also sold 10+, never had any problems. But now when I started the process admin told me they don’t buy/sell accounts anymore, and they won’t make the transaction. Can you tell me where can I find some good middle man, or is there any site to buy Ig accounts without getting scammed. Thanks

I believe fameswap is a possible platform for this

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I just saw post saying they are scamming people haha

For selling on Telegram @thegmac. Otherwise buy/sell here on the marketplace in this forum.
It’s the safest way anyways.

How about SWAPD?

Yea heard about that one, but don’t know is it legit? If anyone knows feel free to share your experience here