Buying likes to rank in hashtags?

would buying likes from a panel help me rank in hashtags? or at least some high quality authentic looking likes allow me to rank?

I’ve bought powerlikes and it made my hashtag reach go from like 9 impressions from hashtags to 100k but i don’t think the powerlikes are necessary to help me rank for hashtags

because its just x amount of likes to rank on hashtags right?

i think you just need high quality likes with impressions to be able to rank

i have bough auto likes from a services call stormlikes but they actually prevented my posts from showing up in hashtags at all

No. Right now the best way to rank on anything is having your own followers engage pretty much right after you post. The more of your own followers that engage, the more visibility you get. Fake likes don’t help with that.


i bought powerlikes for a single post from fuelgram to see if those would would help and it took me from getting 1k impressions to 100k (99% of them were from hashtags) and when infinicore was around i was getting 3k avg likes on a 5k follower account because all my impressions came from hashtags

Yes, but if you keep on buying those, they will start limiting your reach after a while. Been there, done that

Ranking high in hashtags will not result in followers. Content will.


i mean the engagement from hashtags ranked me on to the explore page and let me gain 400 followers


are you sure?
in the future, in 2 months – archive this post – and do it without hashtags, then see what I mean.

your profile visits to follows is very good. I like 10 percent on the average for my accounts( daily postings) – they don’t use hashtags. I mean 100 visits for 10 follows.


im sorry i lost you there?
what are you referring too?

heres a post from a couple days ago i put likes on and it got 100k hashtag impressions and gave me 79 followers

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I see what you are saying – but it’s your content that got the followers.
High hashtag rankings mean nothing if there are no followers.
two years ago – I has 2 accounts that always placed daily in top 9 in my niche – no follow gains. Im not kidding. I changed content type – took off hashtags and followers came faster, easier. last year, one of those accounts grew 150k in 2 months – without hashtags. Don’t put value in the tags, put it in the content which you have demonstrated is excellent.

okay i get what you are saying now thank you for clarifying

i feel like the high hashtag rankings are helping acquire new followers and getting more reach for me

of course id never rely on just hashtags, I’m still moderately mass following and sourcing good content for my accounts are you saying maybe i should stop using hashtags and see how my reach starts working?

im saying try it and test. if hashtags helped, ya know what to do.For now it’s working, on one or two posts every few days – try and see the results. You will have another tool.

alright thanks! ill try it out and check back in here

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Hashtags in my niche are really not needed for me anymore. However, this is not to discourage anyone from not using them. you have had success keep it up.You will one day see its the content. Hashtags are not the engine, they are fuel as are other things. hope for you success