Buying (not selling) Shoutouts and Sponsored Posts

I know that many of us here are trying to sell shout-outs on IG. But I want to know who here also has experience buying shout-outs or sponsored posts from IG users with large or targeted followings. Specifically, I’d love if someone can share their overall experience on the buy side of this transaction.

  1. Was it successful based on any metrics (traffic, conversions, ROI, etc)

  2. Any best practices tips? (How to properly vet potential accounts to purchase from, red flags, etc.?)

  3. Any data you might be able to share on typical pricing? How to know if you are getting a good deal or getting ripped off?

I’ve reached out to a few IG users and have gotten wildly fluctuating price quotes. I’m sure this is based on several factors but i’m trying to get a better feel for the overall market so I can make wise decisions with my cash.

Any replies would be much appreciated!


You have to be careful when buying shoutouts! Some people just want to make a sale and their page isn’t active! I have seen 3M page selling shares for $20 a post but only get 1k likes on a post! Not very active to be a 3M page. You have to browse, look around and study their page to see if it suites you.

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I would also love to have some more information on this topic if anyone would like to share :slight_smile:

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one with +100k from your niche is gonna do better than someone with 500k outside of your niche
Target big pages on your niche with like 1 Million Reach its the real deal! that has a lot of engagement.
I-d say its about 30% luck and 70% analysis.

You really need to check out this too !