Buying services or looking for another option

Guys, if i supposed to buy 10K or 20K followers, which is the best way ?
I didnt find any solution with any provider to get this amount in 2 or 5 days. Can you help me guys with that ?

Fake or real followers? If you want real followers you won’t be able to gain that amount without a big budget in 2-5 days. Maybe look into giveaway loops?

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As things look like for now. For that amount in only few days, you will need to find a m/s provider with huge armies of slaves. And that will definately cost you loaaads of cash. Maybe a shoutout service or provider could do too. But also that will be extremely costy. Then you got the cheap option which is fake followers. But with the restrictions going on, I don’t think even fake followers in that amount can be delivered to you in only 2-5 days.

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How does it works ?

In fact im devasted cause i had a co-partner and i just manage the financial stuff and he was the one which deals with that but i got 5 clients that were asking me about non support. So i must take care about this situation cause my ex co-partner made too much mistake and i supposed to fulfill and fix this problem.
Maybe i can buy some fake account like 10k or 20k to fix the “number” and after that i run for a real followers and looking for work well and professional. I’ll must learn a lot from you guys, had too much trouble in life and now i’d love to work inside.

Now sending your costumer this amount of fake followers will indeed destroy the costumers account. You will damage the engagement rate.
If I was you, I would explain the situation honest to your costumer, without pointing fingers at your ex co-partner. That would just sound and look very unprofessional. Just be honest and say you are starting from a fresh, and as things have developed since june on IG, those amount of followers in few days will be unrealistic to expect, unless the costumer is willing to pay very good money for it.
Honest business is always best and most appreciated. And if the costumer can’t accept your honesty, that will in the end be a costumer who will give you headache.

Got it.
Well, when i told about my ex co-partner its about some troubles i got cause he stole my mailing and did some unprofessional stuff with my Payment clients.
So i’ll follow your advice but my costumers ask me to fix their problem with this number they’ve lost.
How can i do in the right path ?

Well that is a very hard question to answere. You need to elaborate. How can you ruin a costumers account with 10K or 20K followers. If those followers were real, it is very unlikely that you will loose this amount over night, ofcourse if you are kardashian it is another question. But if those followers were fake to start with, then I don’t see why you should be held responsible to recover lost fake followers with real ones. But I don’t know what has happened in your case.

Look them up.

Well Micky, i used to work with a SMM panels, and i was the guys who invest on projects.
i brought some artist, famous people cause i work as executive producer in artistic career. Some clients doesnt care about real or fake followers, actually now does it matters cause they work with too much with this.
I met one guy which i always bought on his panel, and once ive asked about to have my on panel and he helped me to control through API. When i realized its getting bigger and i must have someone i trusted to work with me cause i always have too much job, ive invited a good friend but he became so greedy and stolen some clients. Well, i had a huge problem and im trying to fix.
Now i really want to understand how Jarvee works, how can i manage this followers stuff without doing this manually like following and unfollow, i lost too much money, too much confidence and friendship. Now i really want to invest some time, some money and fix this whole mess and learn how can i deal with new IG updates and always growing up my clients account

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Honestly setting up JV is not hard at all. But since every account is different and have different trustscores, you need to find the sweetspot for every single account to avoid blocks. But times have changed. Do not expect automating with JV and gaining 10-20K followers in just few days. You need to set a realistic plan with your costumer. Be honest and try to build a long term plan with him. Also in here you do have people who offer consulting in JV. I don’t offer any servives, but it is worth investing in consultation. Get some basic ideas and prevent doing basic mistakes. Search the forum and you will not miss finding these people. Also get a good proxy provider. Setup some test accounts. Work your way up.
Another thing you shouldn’t be doing, is using JV’s fullname. Just in general don’t mention the full name of any automation tool in here. You might wanna change the name in your input in here too.

Good luck buddy.

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