Byte shoots to number 4 on the app store, number 1 social media

If Tiktok gets banned is Byte the answer? To me it seems they’re the only app focused solely on video right now.

Considering it’s by the creator of Vine, probably a good alternative for Americans. I still don’t think the US ban is happening anytime soon though, no matter how huge Trump’s ego is.


What makes you say that? He could do it by executive order.

As far as I know, Kevin Mayer is looking at relocating their headquarters, as well as the entire company outside of China. It’s just a matter of time. I personally don’t think such a large company, and leading social media platform at the moment will just step back.

Where did you hear about a relocation?

Don’t forget, even if they leave they’re a Chinese-owned company still.

People keep ignoring the fact that the CEO of TikTok is American. They also have hundreds of employees and key leaders across safety, and public policy based in the US. Their spokesperson just said that ByteDance never provided user data to the Chinese government, nor would they do so if asked.

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I don’t think it’s about data provided to chinese. Tiktok growth was so fast and now is so big competing with other social media US giants. The ban is just because tiktok is not an US company and other reasons are just bullshit

There already is a tiktok alternative. Instagram has a module called Reels which is an exact tiktok clone that got launched in 3 countries and few days after the Indian tiktok ban it got launched in that country also…


I agree. YouTube is also launching their own version of the app. They saw a successful platform, and will do anything possible to destroy it. Seems like Snapchat is the only social media platform minding their own business. Remember when Snapchat was huge. IG killed it with Stories. TikTok became huge. IG comes up with Reels.


I recently heard about IG Reels as well, but didn’t know that IG released in India the same day when TikTok was banned… In which countries is IG Reels available, do you guys know?

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Brazil and Germany, now India and I think 1 more tier 3 country

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Jup it’s online here in Germany and it sucks :joy: reach is bad, videos which go viral in seconds on TikTok hardly pass 15k views. So much fun :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter if TikTok’s CEO is American or not. The parent company is a Chinese company and when push comes to shove and China wants the data, the data will be provided - no ifs or buts.

I guess you read one sentence out of everything that has been said here. If it was that easy, the app would have been gone by now. TikTok is as dangerous as any other social media platform out there. Trump can’t just shut it down, just because he has a problem with China. Technically he can, but ByteDance won’t just step back.

It’s interesting how China became the biggest power in the world, and all of a sudden a virus appears, and the US media is the first one to announce it. Now there’s a social media app that’s becoming the next big thing. Boom, let’s ban it. People really need to wake up. It has absolutely nothing to do with privacy issues.

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of course it has nothing to do with privacy issues. Do you think there are big chances to get banned in the US or is just smoke?