Call To Action Swipe File To Increase Engagement

I noticed I haven’t created a topic in here and wanted to give back to this community in some way… So here goes…

Im gonna share a collection of call to actions.

These are actual call to actions used on posts that got loads of likes and comments from various accounts.

Btw, Im geared towards working with fit pros so you’ll see some fitness related ones… but you can adjust them as you please.

Use them to get some micro-commitments from your audience. So that when the time comes to promote a blog/podcast/offer/challenge/sale, they will be ready to trust you.

Adapt them to your own niche / page and let them INSPIRE you.

Some you can use word for word, others you need to change the wording to make it relatable to your posts and audience.

From what I see, I split them up into 4 types

Types of Call To Actions covered below:

  1. Opinion Focused
  2. Motivation Focused
  3. Offer Focused
  4. Growth Focused

Let’s dig in:

1. Opinion Focused

  • Who’s done this exercise and loved it?
  • What’s your favourite dog breed?
  • Double tap if you would love this! Credit: @phototaker
  • Do you guys do nighttime snacks?
  • Where do you live?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up and what are you doing now? Tell me below! ! And can we just talk about how gorgeous of a bride my sister is going to be? I’m gonna cry like a baby
  • How do you feel about tomorrow, please let this post settle in! Use hashtag #motivationmonday in your response and You will have a Double chance to win this posts #60secclub
  • Real or Fake?
  • Follow @yourusername for more!
  • Would you buy this?
  • Which one do you own, black or white?
  • Like this if you agree and tag a friend that needs to see this!

2. Motivation Focused

  • Double tap and tag a friend to accept the workout challenge!
  • Tag a friend who will be a millionaire
  • Double tap if you’re feeling this beastly super new moon in Gemini.
  • Double tap if you’d live here
  • who’s in? Anyone who needs to see this?
  • Tag three people below who you can’t imagine your life without. People who you treasure and love to SEE showing up for life both on and off of this silly little app.

3. Offer Focused

  • Full recipe with directions can be found on @thegirlonbloor’s blog. Link is in her bio!
  • Have a sneak-peak at - click the link in our bio
  • Click the link in our bio to enter
  • Not a VIP member? Join with our exclusive XYZ Day offer. Click to take the XYZ Quiz and get your first outfit from $15 (link in bio). Ends 11:59PM PT on 2/16/16
  • ORDER HERE - Click the link in our bio --> @yourInstagramPage
  • COMMENT YOUR EMAIL BELOW to receive the #xyz New Years Resolution Guide for FREE! Comment Your EMAIL Below NOW!
  • I still have a few spaces so if you want to change the game with your PT Business and spend the day learning with me down at @grenadefit click on the link in my bio >> @grenadejay <<
  • prints at link in bio… DM for framed original
  • :zap: Got back pain? We’ve been there! Click the link in our bio or go to to sign up for the free webinars on Next week. Learn about the XXX Method. Get back to an awesome and active life! Or don’t…:zap:

4. Growth Focused

  • Want to know what time to eat carbs or how much protein you should be eating? Follow * @shredz for meal prep and nutrition tips to Lose Weight Quick!
  • Follow: @shredz
  • Follow: @shredz
  • Follow: @shredz
  • ^^^ Its literally written “Follow: @shredz” 3 times
  • Visit @xyzresults for more inspiring transformations and stories!!
  • So cute! Tag a friend that would love this!
  • TAG a friend who would want to try!
  • Check out @thefemalehardbody for more in female fitness & motivation!
  • Next time you’re at the gym, Try this workout by: @workoutartist - TAG your workout partner
  • Tag your favourite #entrepreneur in your life :heart:
  • Tag a friend that needs to see this!
  • Tag someone who should buy this

:point_right: So, will you use these? Did this inspire you?
Let me know :slight_smile:

Try these out & see what difference they make in your post engagement
Excited to hear how you use them. Or you know… keep doing what you doin.


Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to do this!!


Making a list of calls to action for quick deployment was on my to-do list. This will do nicely :grin:

Although I’ll need to translate em for my local accounts, this still saves me a lot of hours work, nice one :boom: :clap: :boom:


Will definitely give a few of these a go, cheers for the ideas


Happy to help :slight_smile: I started gathering some bios as well. But that one still needs some work lol.


Hell YES! Glad I saved you some time mate :wink:

Excellent. My pleasure. Let us know how it goes bud.


Thank you,it will be a great help.

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thanks my bro , this is very useful

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Thanks for tips!

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Updated some of these for my clients. Here are 2 more sections:

#Conversation Focused

  • What are you training today?
  • Who else agrees?
  • What’s your goal right now: build muscle or burn fat?
  • Who’s done this exercise and loved it?
  • Do you guys do nighttime snacks?
  • Where do you live?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • How bad do you want it?
  • What’s ONE THING you’re going to challenge yourself with this week?
  • Let me know what kind of workouts and tips would you want to see more. I love answering your questions and creating special content for you
  • if I can help further then just ask me below
  • Comment if you want more info on __________
  • Comment if you made it all the way through✌️
  • Would you buy/use this?


  • LIKE
    • Like this if you agree
    • DOUBLE TAP & LIKE if you want more basic equipment workouts
  • SAVE
    • Save and try, my friends

    • SAVE so you can try these workouts later

    • SAVE & Give it a go, you’ll love it

    • SAVE & DO THEM, DO THEM NOW and thank me later.

    • SAVE, try and most importantly ENJOY :muscle:t2:

    • SAVE it & sculpt your shoulders :fire:

    • SAVE and TRY

    • SAVE and try it next time you’re at the gym

    • Save and try it and you’ll see what I mean

    • Harder than they look, trust me. SAVE & give em a try :muscle:t2:

    • I promise you crying shoulders after these, SAVE and try :raised_hands:t2:

  • (SWIPE for inspo)

Hey, great post! Thank you for sharing

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if a silly post or one that is funny
–> tag someone without saying anything

– others –
–> type ‘:heart:’ 6 times if relates
–> if relates share in your stories
–> dm this to 5 who need it.


Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely try this as I start growing accounts.

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