Calling to USA people from USA number

Hey guys, i want to make the calls to USA people from USA number, but i live in Europe. How do i do this? Please, help me. Thanks!

Some of the cold outreach tools/CRMs would be worth checking out. You can get local numbers through some of them like Close dot io.

Agile CRM is cheaper and has an app you can use to make calls. I always used my own # for outbound calls, but they are integrated with Twilio, so I think that could get you a # from any country.

Some of them might be overkill if you are calling existing clients, but they can really streamline cold outreach and make it scalable. I’ve tried a number of them if you have questions.

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Theres definitely a way to do it, I somehow get people calling from “New Zealand” numbers but they are telemarketers from india. A lot of them are scammers but can hide with NZ numbers. Not sure how its done though.

Using a CRM with a built-in calling system such as Go high level and other alternatives works well. If you do not need the CRM and want to just do calls, there are tons VOIP services out there. I personally use Telzio and Twilio for a variety of different calling setups.