Camouflage & Fantasy passports 🤯

Camouflage passports (Passports of former States no longer in existence)”

“Documents of territories which are not internationally recognised

Posting here because while I had some discussion with a few people recently about those topics I realized surprisingly that not a lot of people know about this. I am not gonna go into detail what they can be used for, but want to remind that those are - in most countries - perfectly legal to carry and they are still very useful.

Afaik - I am not a legal expert obviously - those do not fall under document forgery because they are not “real” and are not intended to fake something real. If you want to “prank” a visa agency or an offshore company agency, they “might” still work in some cases if you are a convincing person. Should only be used by the real “It was just a prank bro”-folks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Here a little video if you do not like reading (the only one I was able to find on that topic):