Campaign doesn't work and f/u doesn't work after 4.8k posts read in the forum

Hi guys!:

I have spent more than two months reading all I can in the forum and I am still having the same problems that I had when I just started to use Jarvee.

·First in campaigns “the post has been queued for publication” but finally nothing happens… I read jarvee guide for campaigns and all is set good. I tried to upload 1 pic taken by my canon camera (didn’t delete metada). The tool campaigns worked for me fine sometimes, but now, even clicking on publish now I only have the message copied before. I can publish perfectly the same pic when using my mobile phone. Maybe the size or the weight of the image???. Blocks only in J??? :bomb:??? I use EB, could be that Jarvee only can publish through API???.

·Second follow: I read hundred of threads related to this message “no more results found for source specific users. Try to change the filters and/or the sources”, but there is a list of 60 users that I added just copying their names to the box of following specific users and clicking on add usernames. The other alternative chosen by jarvee to the message I copied before is to follow just 1 person per operation, even been set to follow at least 4-16 people per operation. Why? who knows…Some people said in other threads that it could be due to not having any scraper account valid, but actually I have 4. On the other hand, unfollow is working perfectly.

This IG account has more than 3 years (created by me and only 2 months aprox. on Jarvee) and it doesn’t use proxy because is the only one that is directly connected to my real IP (internet from my office computer). The rest of my accounts, even the scrapers, have their own 4g proxy (working from my country). I only use the account on my mobile phone when in J is in nightmode (f/u = jarvee EB ; rest of actions = mobile phone).

·Other question (even knowing each account is different, etc., etc.): how many days can I do f/u (soft way like 20-80 users pers day and hard way: 120-200 users p.d.) if I’m not publishing new images? (more or less).

Ok guys, I don’t want to start crying and start saying the magic sentence “I spend more time reading about jarvee problems than working on my accounts”, but definitely it is been harder than I thought. Believe me, I try to find solutions here, in BHW, google :laughing:, etc. but even reading and trying a lot of things I don’t get a real workflow. So: PLEASE help as you can and you want :slight_smile:

I’m wishing to start hundreds of threads in the forum with my successful results, tested methods, etc. and I know I am going to get it, but first I need your help: THANKS GUYS (sorry for my English :eyes: )

Have you try contacting Jarvee support? They have awesome customer support :slight_smile:

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  • Are you trying to post to wall or story or both? you can’t post to story when using EB.

  • F/U
    Create a new IG account on IG app or your PC, add it to Jarvee, verify it, and just leave it there. The follow tool on your main account should work after that.

  • F/U < 100 users in the first two weeks, then if you get no blocks, you can increase it.

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1 Thanks again:

•I’m trying to post in my wall. Can I do this with EB? My settings are these, also I check disable automatic api relogin:

• When you say create a new account, are you referring to a new scraper? or create a new account using the content of my 3 years old main account?

Thanks for the warming up advice!!!

Yes, you can post to wall using EB… is your account valid and not in night mode?

I’m referring to a new scraper account. Sorry, i didn’t read the fourth paragraph. You already 4 have scraper accounts. Do you have the option “Enable follow different users across all accounts” checked in Settings > Social Platforms > IG tab?

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Did you check your campaign settings? Did you check the errors in history?

I’m almost sure your User Filters are too strict. Remove some filters and it should start working again.

To help save you some money, you don’t need to have scrapers on 4G proxies

If your account is able to follow 20-80 people for a couple of days without any problems (I mean 0 problems) then you can raise the limits. Also, don’t try to do too much in this range (i.e. sending DM’s)

I was just like you when I started. I read every possible thread and that is a great way to begin. Starting out, you’re doing a pretty good job so far. The next step for you will to keep on testing. It will cost some money, but in the end it will all be worth it.


I don’t know exactly why, but now, checking as you said “enable follow different users across all accounts”, I can publish pics on my wall. Thank you @ossi !!! I learned settings from Adi tutorials, and perhaps they are the most safe, but as I was telling you, my account is not new so let’s play the full game!!!. :grinning:

I feel so stupid now :frowning:. I mean, I read 4,8K posts and I didn’t think about this obvious thing…Problem solved, thanks to you too @BigJ :smiley:

Great advice (for me and for my wallet). Probably, I will change my main account to a 4G proxy, and I will use the original IP of my house only for the scrapers accounts. I am using my house’s IP for my main account because I think (not tested) that if I use my account on my mobile when J is in nightmode, both IPs are in the same city, so it would make automatization more credible (maybe not :rofl:).

I never tried this because I thought most of my problems are setting problems not software problems (maybe this morning, when I posted my drama was 50/50 :rofl: ). Thank you @Bianca I’ll try the next time.