Campaigns not posting to IG in J

Getting lots of failed posts on IG on multiple accounts in jarvee. I have 2 accounts still working fine. Not sure what the issue is. None of the accounts post more than like 6 times a day. Do they just need rest? Is instagram detecting campaigns in J?

Have you tried posting them as video?

No, does that work as a workaround>?

Yes it does.

Usually when you can’t post as a pic, the problem lies with your proxy. Tested a couple of times before.

This was a prevalent issue in the past as well and the solution was to post the pics as videos instead.

It’s a proxy issue. As he mentioned, posting as video is an alternative that works… but it’s not very attractive when posting multiple pictures.

Try and get yourself a better proxy.

Have been using a mobile LTE Italy proxy. But like 6 accounts on one. What do you suggest? USA? 1 per account? Kind of $$$

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in Italy or the US, it’s just whether they deem your IP to be hq or not. I’ve seen datacenter proxies get treated better than some 4g home made proxies, so it’s really on an individual base.

I would ask different proxy providers for samples until you find one that works for your situation.

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Change your proxy. Try some better ones hope that works. Take a look at the marketplace or recommendations in threads.