Can 2 same post get both ranked on the same hashtag?

I’ve never seen on the same hashtag exact same post .

Wich is logical since ig want to show up new posts , not same ones just because they got good engagement , so i want to know if there is something we can do about it or we just pray someone didnt ranked on that hashtag and he have same (reposted post)

Similar posts can be ranked for the same hashtags. I’ve seen that just today, I saw 3 posts of one account which all were from the same mountain and looked pretty similar.

no , i didnt mean 'similar post but more as 'same ’ one mean exact same one , in your situation ofc it always happen since they like to give similar things to what users likes overall , but the exact same , i dont thnk so since they aren’t fans of duplicate content , so you never seen this too ?

Ah sorry my bad, no I have never seen the exact same post and I am pretty sure that IG makes sure that it does not happen in the “popular uploads” section.
It can happen in the “recent uploads” section tho

yes , so what is the solution then ? just pray someone that get ranked on hashtags set dont get same post

cuz even if somene have a bot that autocheck before posting he check all the hashtags and their ranked posts, so the bot dont valid posts that are already up there , its unffective cuz it will always change on the ranking and at that pont of time where the post is sent so its not exact science

i think i jut got an idea haha

  • i get a bot that analyze all my scrapped competitors , and the posts that are the same like my repost accounts from their (last 2/3 days ) or better in real-time since they dont like it even more if ts the same day, and the posts that got the most reposted by them will get skipped and scheduled maybe for next weeks

at least like this i will not post something that got been over and over , and get little bit more chane to not get the other posts as duplicates

Do you maybe use Jarvee? There is option when posting to make images unique when posting. This option makes some changes on the image that are not visible to human eye.

yeah i know md5hash , exif data… but i think even through that it stil cant be 100% unique in the eyes of ig