Can a bot be created on phone?

Imagine if someone use a very high quality bot but instead of doing it on pc he do it on the phone will it change something and be more effective also is it possible to do ?

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Jarvee as a smartphone application would be amazing!

I think it would just lag your phone, and since there are so many settings in jarvee it would be a pain to have to set them up on a such a tiny screen… I use jarvee on a server that I can also access from my phone.

I think it will be the case for low budget phones but now bro… Some phones are even more powerful than a simple laptop

Yes but is it achievable and what can it change in our work for botting ?

There were phone applications, maybe not so advanced but they did follow.
captivate / cleaner.
Bye bye too
As far as advanced application is concerned, I don’t know how it would be different to follow these applications from what they were. The same scheme only more functions.

So you tell that a mobile jarvee is the same as a little app who do f/uf with no proxy,difficult to manage and have only the basic stuff … No i think it will be a huge upgrade also imagine a bot like jarvee implement a eb on it will be more real as it’s a mobile device

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