Can anyone beat captcha 100%?

I went six months without a single captcha and now once and awhile they are coming back to annoy me.

I only get one or two once and awhile but sometimes they hit accounts that I’ve been running for a very long time and I hate seeing them die.

Ive tried using fresh mobile ips, fresh sims, on real phones. Doesn’t seem to keep the 24hr notification away.

*I am running them on Thai proxies though and then using my home countries New Zealand to try solve them. I don’t have fresh Thai sims or proxies to test.

captcha and PV commonly happens if you often switch IPs and devices from where you login or when you’re using too aggressive settings, If you start to get this constantly, that might mean that Instagram is starting to suspect those accounts, you should slow down for a while (use low settings,keep same IP and device)

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Yeah, last month’s update did come with a drastic increase in verification requests. In my experience, roughly 20% of the accounts receive the 24 hour review upon first PV, around 50% on those which receive 2nd.

I use Russian SIMs and proxies. Would suggest potentially getting your hands on either NZ proxies or Thai SIMs to up the trust score a bit more. Even then, it’s still pretty dubious as to whether they make it or not.

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Yeah I’m currently trying accounts I’ve created with NZ sims, running on NZ proxies. See if it works better.

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It’s difficult to create settings that will prevent them from happening 100% but for the accounts that get it, I would give them a looong rest before activating them again.

The captcha ones die no matter what for me

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Yep, that’s pretty much the worst verification request you can get since it implies that IG already suspects your account isn’t human.

And it’s probably not a productive idea trying to recover them, yes. Just a waste of time