Can anyone explain how they did this?

Here is the link to the dinosaur clip. They def made the explore page(compare these views to any other video they have up). If you look at the comments it looks like they did 2 things

  1. He had 500 accounts that look real tag 1 person
    2)had each of those people that were tagged comment back on the post

I strongly believe that the comments(plus a great video) hit them the explore page. My questions is, how did they get those 500 comments to tag someone and then the tagged account to respond to the comment?

Any thoughts?

What exactly is your question? This is an account with over 600k followers that posts viral content all the time and this video hit 300k view withs 19k likes. That’s a somewhat average engagement rate and happens all the time…

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if you look at any of their previous videos the views are generally around 100k if even that. If you look at the comments on this video 90% of the comments are people tagging other people. I believe that reason this video did so well VS every other video is because of this tagging thing. My proof is that if you look at their older videos there is no where near this much tagging in the comments and its viewership is much poorer.

My question is how/what program/what service did they use to create all of those comments with accounts tagging each other and then responding to the comment?

Because that is what got them to the explore page.

Oye. Tagging lots of people just to get an answer is considered bad form FYI


don’t tag others… that’s my idea for you. Selfish you are

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sorry my bad
pls forgive me

What came first, the chicken or the egg? A viral video will go viral because a lot of people tag others in it. A viral video will be seen by a lot of people, which is why a lot of people tag others in it. Either way, sometimes videos go viral and then you get abnormally great engagement. Sometimes, they don’t. These numbers are not crazy whatsoever. If it had a million views with over 100k likes, then it might be a slightly different story.

Sorry to be harsh but this is not a question here that needs to be discussed further. I gave you an answer. Someone please close this thread. Thanks