Can anyone explain me this one?

i know a very successful artist group named brokenfingaz (also their name on instagram)
i recently checked their followers growth through socialblade, they
getting between 50-300 new followers daily, they dont using
hashtags (1 or 2 if they collaborate with other artists) they dont use follow/unfollow method
they more like having organic growth based on their skills and the exposure they made over the years)
can i found out somehow quick where they getting leads from or any data about their traffic etc?
or somehow learn from them in any way?
thx for your wisdom wizards of the mpsocial society

Usually at their size gaining 50-100 followers a day is normal. If you want to know a little more I would take a look at . They provide data about the target audience etc.

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is infuencerdb is a free tool? anyways ill be glad if you will check em out and tell me what you found
thx for your wisdom :slight_smile:

They’re probably using shoutouts. Maybe they have couple of bigger accounts and using them to promote their new accounts. It’s nothing new, people do it all the time with IG accounts, they make new ones and promote them to have them as backup in case their original account gets banned.

I saw same thing happening with Facebook pages.

For example,
This page: Male Thoughts
was built by Sarcasm Facebook Page

Page was started 14 days ago and got from 0 to 1,2 milion. Owner used his main page with 35 milion fans to share posts from new page and get fans. That’s basically building a backup page.

I know it’s not IG, I just wanted to explain what and why they’re doing it.


This is exactly what I just saw some days ago… there is an account with around 1.5k followers gaining around 100 followers a day without even using hashtags? How would that be possible? I dont believe they are using shoutouts… has instagram changed something about how the hashtags work? Because I have been using the hashtag strategy Brandon Brenner suggested but I am having less and less success with it… I was wondering if there was a certain change in algoritm that is responsible for this?

Thanks in advance,

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wow thats what im experiencing this days, i used to get more likes before
then now, and im using pretty much the same niche related hashtags
i even upload a better content ive been uploading before, and im talking about my drawings
they are more bigger,complex and better then i use to draw before…

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I’ve been feeling this as well. Hashtags have been getting less and less likes. Don’t know if Instagram changed soemthing or the culture on Instagram changed.

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hmmmmm… so if I have 50 accounts in the exact same niche, I could have them repost each other…