Can anyone give me an untaken but unavailable IG name?

I have an IG name that has recently been deleted (about 3 months ago) but the name itself is still unavailable. Is there anyway I can immediately take over that IG handle name?

patience, there is a chance they will never make available again if its deadly block

You need to claim those usernames. I think there are username clain services that cost thousands , which are for the same purpose I guess

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I had the same thing years ago. The name is still unvailable

I don’t think you’ll be able to use it anymore. Better try going with some variation of the username instead.

most likely not i wouldn’t wait till then, it’s hard when IG delete something to put it back again quickly, as hero said it might take years

There are people offering username claims. They’re be able to ‘claim’ usernames via their Facebook Partner panel. Such services are offered, starting at $1,500.

do you have links to the people who offer the service?

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I’ll send it in PM, as I don’t know if I’m allowed to share it here.

As @coehn just mentioned there are several people giving such services. As mentioned by me in previous post. They would request it through Media panels. But then that also has requirements of the old username. Like should be dead for certain age or something

If IG was the one who deleted/disabled that account, sadly, you are unable to use that name ever again.

It is sad to hear, but I don’t think IG is deleting the disabled account on their database. You wont be able to use it.