Can Anyone Help Improve My Jarvee Settings?

I have everything set to try and follow and unfollow around 200 people a day but my settings just don’t seem to be doing that and my numbers are so varied each day. Was wondering if anyone could help pinpoint why that is?


Here is what I have set…




Any help would be awesome!

Wanted to bump incase anyone can help x

Don’t do unfollow at the same time with follow. Do x numbers of follows, stop, then do x number of unfollow stop then resume follow. When you have timings and that many filters the scraping process is increased so that’s why you have low numbers for follow. It takes time to find resources with all those filters checked in order to follow it after.


You have too many filters. If you want to keep those filters, then bump the follow settings to 250 follows and that should help you reach 200, although I wouldn’t recommend going over 190 per day unless you want to get hit by 6000/30 block.


can anybody share their settings/timers for

  1. Follow tool with correlation to Unfollow tool
  2. Like tool?

what seems to be working for me is when both Like and Follow are AB, to start with likes only… so Likes actually work later…

knowing to keep under 200 a day is basically known information now, its all about the settings/timers/filters

Is there any you would recommend I turn off or change?

How long is your nightmode?

I don’t have one set atm as the follow and unfollow finish at night and restart early morning anyways so didn’t think it was needed as was a natural gap. Do you think I still need to set one?

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stop running follow and unfollow at the same time. Thats the most important thing you need to focus on right now during these times. What I do, is follow users for abour 3-5 days, and then unfollow over 1-2 days. Then back to follow, etc.

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I agree with Artie.

If your goal is 200 actions on each tool and they’re executing at the same time (which I personally recommend) then your target daily actions need to be double, because both tools will take up 50% of the total time spent and therefore only do half of the actions you set.

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What’s the easiest way to automate something like that?

Automatic follow unfollow option!

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Which part are you using for that, are you setting it to unfollow when you have reached a set number of followings?

You have an automatic follow and unfollow toggle on each tool, you need to set it there. Is in your second last image, on the unfollow tool

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I’ve always used this method too.

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Would you possible be able to send me your settings for this so I can see exactly how you have it set-up? Any help would be awesome!