Can anyone recommend a VPS with Microsoft Windows operating system installed?


Hi all, can anyone recommend a good VPS service that has Microsoft Windows installed on it? I need it for managing multiple Amazon accounts, as it is against Amazon TOS to log into multiple Amazon accounts from the same IP address (I need to do it, as I manage accounts for different clients). Thanks in advance.



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Thanks, much appreciated! Have you tried them? They’re reliable?


What is your budget x server? How many you need?:sunglasses:


ive used them for years. Pretty reliable. Great customer service.


Likewise here.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated!


As little as possible. 2 to begin with.


You are looking for this guy: @Noirorion


Just tell me for how many and which specs you are looking for. Can set them up for you in an private owned datacenter in Germany


google cloud platforme or azure from microsoft its free for 12 month and laybe for life with the small tier


Are you sure you can use these platforms for something that would be breaking Amazon TOS?


do your homework dude you asked for good vps i tried to help and gave you some directions now use google and your reading skills no one will give things up& ready and even he will dibt take it you should do your research we just try to help eachother but not feed each other no offence hooe you got me
and to awnser your question no im not sure and i take no responsabilty :slight_smile:


Thanks for being so cool about being asked a question in response to your reply. I asked for a good vps for accessing Amazon accounts, not just a good VPS, so please don’t tell me to use my reading skills! I’m saying that because I did do my homework, a lot of it actually and even currently have a VPS provider but I’m looking for a better one. I’ve actually contacted many companies, most companies said they don’t allow it. I’m asking you to see if you’ve actually done it.