Can anyone suggest a "hack" for clearing a cluttered Gmail inbox?

Hey all,

My Gmail inbox is at 15.02 GB of 15 GB maximum and I can’t seem to find any way to resolve the issue other than buying storage? It’s also “rejecting” new attachments. Is there any way (or tool) to just clear out a bunch of junk?

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Yeah. It’s called “Upgrade storage” as you mentioned. Irony aside, try to empty your bin after you’ve cleaned everything in inboxes and Spam.

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I’ve tried mass deleting stuff many times before, but it barely ever seems to make a dent? :thinking:

I forgot where I read this, but I now use my Gmail as a task list. When I’m done with an email, I delete or archive it. I think eliminating stuff in your Gmail requires a fundamental change in how you use it.

Now that that’s out of the way I reach nearly inbox zero (with 3-5 emails at a time in my view) by using some tricks:

  1. I used (free) to unsubscribe from nearly everything. I only have like 3-5 things I’m subscribed to now.

  2. I used (free trail or paid) to help me sort my emails by size and MASS DELETE almost everything I had. Or just delete the biggest emails. I highly recommend this one ~ I cleared our everything within their 1 month plan option at like ~9$. So worth it.

  3. I dno if the red bar in your screenshot is for Gmail or Google drive? (I’m on my phone, I can’t check), but you can use this link to sort all of your Google Drive by size: I clear out a ton of my drive data that way since folders don’t even matter in that view.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for these steps, exactly what I’ve needed to optimize the running of my Email account.

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best to go to a professioanl