Can client do comments and DM while im running Jarvee?

my client wants to respond to comments and DM manually using the phone app to serve his customers .

how can i handle this.

i thought of having a time-table fixed between me and him, he will be doing the manual comment and DM response 8am to 4pm, while i will be running Jarvee 6pm to 1am.

will that work ??

Hey @mibrahim

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To be honest, it’s not really recommended, but if you must let the client interact with users via phone, then set up night mode for that account. You should set it up to not execute any actions from 8AM until 4PM (or 5 PM to be safe). This way everything will be done on auto and you don’t have to start/stop account manually.

It will probably work, but running same account on two devices is always a risk.


thanks for the swift response…

would you suggest that he logs on 8am and off 5pm every day ?
so that it will always be 1 device logged in at a time.

Or shall i stop him from DMs and stay only with Comments.

Or do you suggest separate days compared to separate time-frames ?? for example 3 days on jarvee and 3 days on manual. day on and day off

That would be best, if client is willing to do that.

This is really up to you. You gotta test it and see how it goes.

It’s best to automate DMs inside Jarvee as well so that all actions are done with one device and that your client doesn’t login at all.

@Jaha @Stiletto … Thanks a lot for the responses.

Actually that case went south, i lost the client because none of the my methods worked and eventually he got his account banned. I even had to refund him.

I made it clear to my clients now that im not accepting any client who would be logging from their phones and they can use cloud services only such as hootsuite to respond to DMs and comments. so far this is working fine. lets see how it goes.

But hootsuite and jarvee are 2 devices no?
And u can explain which “ban” your client give?
Verification loop?

from what i read is that hootsuite will login to the account using their server and they are approved partner of instagram. so the actual login IP is hootsuite server not your phone or pc, its whitelisted with instagram.

for the ban he got warning first that he gave his password to illegal service.
Then he got like/comment ban.
Then the account was banned for illegal activity.

Though that between in the first two bans we took things very slowly as we cool down for 1 week then start to warm up again slowly but having him login and responding to comments and dm from his phone created all this mess.

Ok, I doing it, posting photos with jarvee, and comment and dm with cellphone, 2 months working without ban comments and dm, but just 4g in cellphone

So u think because you are not using wifi in your cellphone it helped you…
I shall test this with some of my own accounts and see how it goes