Can enemies harm my engagement?

Soo I have a good growing slave, 1170(25 days old) few days ago I started getting automatically likes, and spam comments on my new posts by related niche pages,and I notice this !
61 likes…56 sends…12 saves, 324 reach…, it doesnt went viral :sweat_smile:
So related niche pages probably other slaves can actually harm my page if they decide too? I already restricted few, I also think they send bot followers too me or it’s just me being paranoid lol, ghost/bot followers, should I remove/block or restrict them work the same without harm they feelings😅Ty for your wisdom who ever will read this

I don’t know if there’s any technical evidence, but I’m sure people who are jealous/see you as competition and want to take you out can definitely do harm in quite a few ways.

Sending fake accounts and likes could hurt your engagement in a sense, potentially, if it interferes with explore/discovery somehow, or if your account gets flagged because they think you’re buying fakes/spamming, but I don’t have any personal evidence of any of that, it’s just theory.

Although I have been a victim of that, somebody was jealous and tried to do something by sending the worst spammy fake follows and I had to block them all which took forever, was probably around 500-1k at the time.

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jealousy inside no love for other side,
exactly what im talking about, shit is real

People are greedy, even more these days when life is tough. Vicious, jealous, nasty attitudes everywhere.

I tried the opposite approach, doing outreach, trying to connect and share/promotion peoples work I like, but most of them ignore it because they see anyone as competition and would rather block you and steal your followers.

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massive profile visit from bot profiles??? I just got massive profile views on 2 posts…what i do against it?