Can i buy a service sending dms

Do mass Dm services exist still ?

By mass i really mean like 100 a day .

I would be interested in buying these .

The only ones ive found send millions of dms thats unnecessary for my needs .

yes they do exist but i dont think anyone would even bother taking up a 100 DM Offer

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you need to buy upwards to 50k+ to get decent results

They do, but it is a tough and shady market. Make sure you do your background checks before you get scammed or deal with resellers.

I once tried out a Russian Service but the conversion-rate was just around 1-3% and I´ve sent around 10000 DMs. That was absolut not worth it :grinning:

Conversion rate in terms of people buying your product? 1.5 % percent would be absolutely amazing in my line of work

No sorry, in terms of “people opening the DM”.