Can I do this? - Action blocks

So there’s a couple things I’ve seen on this but nothing really that explains what im after…

I recently got blocked on my instagram for a week due to unfollowing too many people at once on another account that is linked to my main (same phone)

I was wondering, firstly, if i get blocked again will i have a strike against my account and get blocked for a week? or could it go back to a few hours or w/e the usual time is?

Adding to this, is it worth me using jarvee on my account if i set it up using a couple of guides on this forum? or will it not be worth if i end up getting blocked again for a week/banned?

Probably a silly question but would love some clarity

EDIT: I was doing manual f/uf on my main with no blocks pretty successfully for a while

This happened to me last week and literally the same thing happened, I manually was unfollowing people on another account (I have 3 accounts on my phone) and I got a one week action block for my main account (the one I wasn’t even doing the unfollowing one which is so annoying.) I am no longer blocked and have been limiting my activity and so far everything has been fine. I just never will unfollow a lot of people again. Just make sure to limit your activity after your ban lifts because I’ve heard from people that you can get the one week block again. I don’t know how long the account is flagged for so if you find out please let me know :slight_smile:

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Yep same here, not pushing it but i can do a fair amount of actions now, posted an image also and had same/slightly better engagement than my last so all seems good!

Id just love to know how easy it is for me to get a long block again as I was thinking about trying Jarvee

We spoke about that on meetup last night :slight_smile:
It vould be because of your device ID or IP.

What I would do is logged out from one account on phone and then tried using it in Jarvee.

Account will use different device ID and IP so your other accounts that you use on phone won’t be connected to it in any way.

If everything goes well, you can move more accounts to jarvee. Each of them will get different device ID.

oh wow really? i assumed that once the account got an ID that was it. this is actually really helpful, definitely makes me feel better about maybe being blacklisted or something.

Quick question, the majority of my laptops/computers are mac. I have a VPS that runs linux, could i run jarvee off that? or is it just windows? Need to find a work around, i guess maybe bootcamp is the viable option?

You can install parallels and windows on Mac or get free VPS by Amazon, it’s good enough for couple of accounts.

again, thank you!

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Here’s the link with instructions on how to get free vps:

amazing! thank you i will get this sorted tomorrow. Is it advised to run your main on jarvee? i don’t really have time to create X amount of slaves. and also one last summary, i can run one or two accounts on jarvee using the windows vps without a 4g proxy right?

thanks again for all your help!

Running normal accounts on Datacenter IPs is a bad idea unless you know what you are doing/have a specific usage

So you will need to look for a Provider @ the Marketplace

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I won’t advise you anything :slight_smile: IG can ban you even if you don’t use automation so I don’t really want to be the one that you’ll point your finger to :smiley:
Automation is shortcut to success, risky, but faster.

No, don’t do that. Get one 4g proxy if you’re going to use Jarvee on VPS. VPS IPs are probably blacklisted.

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Another golden nugget from last nights meeting.
Guys it is not about trying to push it to the limit. It is all about being on the safe side.
Like it was mentioned to do 100 follows and 100 unfollows if you are doing manuals. Same thing can be done for automation. Yes you may say but I can do way more and I don’t get a block. But it is always. Recommended to be on the safe side. Also it is not a specific action that gets you blocked. It is always the combination of different and the amount of actions that gets you blocked!


Yep! Learnt this the hard way, and to add ion, which you probably know already but doing too many actions on an account will get all of your accounts on the same ip

I’m doing manual 10 f/uf an hour from now on, steady but secure

Yessir. IG seems to hit device or IP unfortunately.
New times new game.

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Yeah good point, even canceling pending follow requests can lead to blocks if you do a bunch of them at the short period of time.


@Jaha Confirmed and true! Even canceling too many pending request can lead to block, as these count as calls also.

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Yup, correct.