Can I make trust on these MOZ accounts? Need Advices Please

Hi, I found moz accounts at a low price on eBay. I was about to buy, but the question is, the account is valid 30 days only. I needed to know if this deal is trustworthy or not? Do you have any experiences regarding these kind of services? Should I go forward?

Interesting. I would like to know too.

For $1.99 does it really matter? Buy it, worts case scenario you’ve wasted the equivalent of a cup of coffee.

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Sold by “Yoda_Seller”


Damn, he could be my Padawan :smiley:

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buy it, if its not working open despute and you will get your money back !

Probably uses VCC’s. They are quite easy to make. Once they’re fully drained they can be used for free trials.

So he’s just recycling the cards and making a quick buck but they’re shouldn’t be any issues.

I just bought a one account. seems like working well but it’s counting to expiring date. :joy::joy::joy: Yoda_seller Might be a fan of Star wars.

Nice find.

Was.the account a shared account? Any issues logging in?

No, I guess he made that account to a temporary mail. I changed the credentials so no one can have it. The problem is I will have to make that again month by month.