Can i post a guide on running Mother slave on an alternative software?

My last post where I compared Jarvee with another software, which is also widely used, was deleted within a few mins. I did go through the community rules and i couldn’t find anything that got the post deleted. But still I wanted to ask you folks first, is it allowed that we talk about other softwares as well? (Its as big as Jarvee, I am in no way promoting any of my softwares, nor do I gain anything out of it)

If its ok to post, i thought a short basic tutorial would help a lot of beginners to switch to MS without having to spend a lot

Please advise. Thank you in advance

That’s strange than.

I don’t think you’re allowed to do that.

Oh ok. But nothing as such was mentioned in any of the community guidelines. Is this something like an unwritten rule? I do understand that this forum itself is kinda owned by Jarvee. So I would want to respect that and talk only about jarvee if that is the rule

^ This.


Right … :sweat_smile:

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Not going to happen