Can I use scripts in browser for Instagram page, ie. keyboard shortcuts for like, follow, etc.?

I found a lot of useful scripts for browsers and they are very handy, ie. keyboard shortcuts for like, follow, etc.
Can I use them freely or IG will know that those actions were performed by a script?
I got Tampermonkey extension for Chrome and some keyboard shortcuts scripts so far.
Those are just keyboard shortcuts so… ? IDK? :thinking:

Idk. It sounds risky to me

Can you use them? Absolutely you can. Just know that you’re going to want to have a big difference for actions. Whether that be per minute, per hour, per day etc.

It’s completely doable just how effective it might be I wouldn’t know. The detection rate for this guaranteed would be higher. Quite certain there is a script exactly like this in Python. The source code is on GitHub.

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