Can I use Twitter App while running MP?

Hi all,

I have an old Twitter account that I setup in MP. I think I came on too heavy or something with follows and now Twitter keeps asking me to PV the account. Regardless of how low I put the follows, I have to PV every morning after night mode has ended.

I do use the Twitter app on this account every night before MP finishes for the night, could this be causing my issues? I’ve built my own bots before and found that using an account in a browser while a bot is doing something has caused bans and PV. Is the same true of using an app?


Yes, that can definitely be the problem, just think about it, if it happens to do 2 actions at the same time they will definitely know something is not right, a person cannot do 2 actions at the same time…

Thanks @Johnny I was hoping that the app wouldn’t be seen the same as using Twitter on two browsers. I also found that I had used other software to follow over 800 accounts with only 130 following me back so I presume this wouldn’t help things. I’ll get that ratio back down before putting MP to work… I presume there’s no way in MP to unfollow accounts that MP has not followed?

there is, you need to import them first - go to the follow tab, results and import old follows from there.

Perfect… Thank you very much for your help!

:slight_smile: No problem, there’s a heart icon underneath each post, you can use that to thank members on the forum for useful posts :wink:

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