Can instagram ban you from posting photos only?

Hello everyone! Beginning from yesterday, whenever I post a photo using my phone the uploading finishes successfully. When I click on the insights button, a message says “Error loading. Please try again later”. Also, the photo does not appear at all in my profile page. Is this some sort of a ban?

Your IP might be flagged. Try from a different IP. If that doesn’t work, try from a different device and IP.

Try uploading videos for a couple days then try photos again… For some reason it works for me…

i believe it’s a bug or something
try to shout down you app and reboot your phone
and try again…

yep try to use vpn with the same country as yours just free one to test

ig has massive issues today. lots of customers can’t post today. check here:

Yep, that’s why the “Post Image As Video” box appears on jarvee in the repost tool haha!

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