Can Instagram See Through Domain Forwarding With Masking?

I’m curious if anyone has experience using unique domains on IG but forward them with masking, (using an iframe or a frameset)?

There are many domain providers that offer free domain forwarding with masking, (so when anyone visits with a browser the domain name stays the same in the browser), and it would just make things so much easier than uploading all these landing pages to so many different domains.

Can IG easily see through this sort of fairly simple forwarding/“cloaking”?

Also, what IP address is IG being served when they crawl a site that is using domain forwarding with masking? Is it the IP from the domain registrar or the IP from the “end site” that is being framed?

If anyone has experience/knowledge about this (good or bad!) I would appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Not 100% the same, but similar. I’ve got 20 accounts running offers at the moment & they’re all going to the same place. URL on my profiles are a subdomain of one of the domains I own. -> -> -> ->

No problems so far.

Thanks for sharing @trolling4dollars.

We are also using subdomains for our domains, but no more than 4 per domain, so we have a maximum of 5 links for one domain. They are also all leading to the same landing page (but uploaded separately on each subdomain), and that is working fine for us as well.

However, I own A LOT of domains and I have an idea how I could put them all to good use on Instagram, but I don’t want to have to set-up hosting and upload separate landing pages for such a large number of domains.

If I could use a masked domain forwarding where the domain frames a unique page on a fairly authoritative site without any “bad stuff” going on, that would be just awesome! :wink:

So anyone who has experience from domain forwarding with masking, (directly from the domain registrar), your experience would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’ve never used or tested the masked forwarding idea so I am not sure if it would work or not, maybe someone else has more experience concerning this.

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Thanks for comment @Johnny

I too am hoping that someone who has tried this (or knows how domain forwarding with masking works) will step forward and shed some light on this idea.

I don’t mind testing, but I would rather not burn lots of valuable domains for no good reason, in case there is a clear case for why IG would see straight through this.

Also @Johnny as a little gentle reminder, may I point you in the direction of the last sentence in this post :wink:: Domains for 50 Instagram Accounts

Took a little longer, but here you go :
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