Can Jarvee be good also for Youtube, Linkedin and other platforms?

Hi mates,

We are looking at the dashboard of Jarvee, the main featues are about IG.

Actually we did not find many featues fom Jarvee regarding Youtube, Linkedin and other platforms. Did I miss anything?

Can Jarvee be good also for Youtube, Linkedin and other platforms? Thank you very much for your attention.

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There are other topics about this, please use the search bar

This is a question you need ask yourself :wink:
Instagram and Facebook have red notifications this play a big role humans will notice and will feel happy, botting system abuse this.

YouTube is more about views and some comments the only away of people seeing you is by comments

Linkedin never used Soo no opinion :wink:

Yes, I originally bought Jarvee for instagram, then decided to try it out on my LinkedIn. My LinkedIn was originally at 1500 connections. With Jarvee, I have it hitting close to 6000 connections now. If you have questions about Jarvee for growing LinkedIn connections, I’m happy to share. I do it conservatively though, I have it set to add 80 - 100 targeted connections per day because I don’t want the account flagged.


Thank you, I know using only one social media is bad, but I only want to focus on Instagram :wink:

Then when I’m good with it will go for others like Facebook, LinkedIn etc
Linkedin is good because low competition, Instagram vs LinkedIn is like Google vs Bing, I see so many people cash in with others than main stream social media

Ok. When you decide to use LinkedIn, feel free to ask me in the future! I don’t make money for LinkedIn, I just only wanted to grow my own LinkedIn account to make it big with many connections, haha. :rofl: My goal is to get 30,000 connections on it. :joy: Maybe I could grow clients’ LinkedIns if they want.


What will you do after the account achieve 30.000 connection?
What’s the benefit of that actually ?

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How about a little [method] topic on linkedin growth hacking? Would love to see this.

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I doubt… Twitter have tight security against automation and F-U, Youtube i am not sure how you would use Jarvee to gain new subscribers or views, maybe for LinkedIn i would also like to hear more from experienced users.

I love it and have been using it for many years.
But I’ll try to be as fair as I can:

  1. For Instagram it’s the best!
    I would give it a 10 out of 10.
    You get tons of features, you get new features and tweaks all the time, and you get bug fixes all the time. Even small bugs.

  2. For Facebook it’s very good.
    I would give it an 8 out of 10.
    You get tons of features (that were built a couple of years ago, before Instagram became so popular), but you hardly get new features and you only get some of the bugs fixed.
    Some major bugs have been there for a couple of years and have never been fixed.

  3. For Linkedin it’s good.
    I would give it an 6 out of 10.
    You get basic features, but you don’t get new features and you only get some of the bug fixed.
    Some basic features are really missing, like commenting on a list of profiles.

  4. For Twitter it’s good.
    I would give it an 6 out of 10.

  5. For Youtube it’s okay.
    I would give it an 3 out of 10.
    You get the very basic features.

  6. It also has Pinterest, Tumblr and Quora, but I don’t use them.

Overall I think it’s a very good tool if you’re looking for a tool with a couple of platforms, or if you’re looking for a tool for Instagram and Facebook.

If someone was looking for a tool specifically for Linkedin, I would have to agree that it’s not powerful enough. And I really wish that would change.

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I’m actually using it for:

Instagram 10 of 10
It’s still amazing how much we can do there.

Pinterest 10 of 10
_Almost 900 last two months and growing fast _
(share many tips and tricks there so it’s viral content)

Linkedin 8 of 10
I got from 200 connections to high level 1300 connections within the last 3 months working slowly (they’re extremely strict with automation)

Facebook 7 of 10
Use most messenger to offer trials but works great)

Tumblr 5 of 10
Also going good with viral content 200 followers last 30 days for now I’m testing tumblr, it can be improved)

Twitter 5 of 10
You’ve very limited actions but still good to marketing over messages.

Youtube 2 of 10
I know that I need accs with better content to do better)

Quora: 2 of 10
As I can only like questions.

Some of those social media are more strict to automations than others but linkedin is the most hard from them and still possible. I would like to mention if instagram limit even more our actions we can still be able to do automation as it’s possible on linkedin.


None, just for fun and vanity purposes. Lol. It’s a test experiment I’m doing to see if Jarvee works well on LinkedIn. :slight_smile:

If anyone makes one, I’ll be sure to join in on that discussion. :slight_smile: