Can joining a telegram group to build your comments get you shadowbanned?

Just wanted to know if using Telegram to build can get you banned. I recently joined 3 groups that look legit with good pages. I already started using them but when I got hashtag shawdow banned it got me thinking if maybe this could be one of the reasons. Please share your thoughts guys… would really like to know the facts

I believe Instagram can see how people landed on your post, and if a large amount of people are landing on your page from a link on telegram then it could set off red flags. Not 100% sure though, as I do not use telegram groups.

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Im not part of any either.
This would be my reasoning as well.

I think you answered your own question. Doubt it was telegram but your hashtag used. Check to see if any are banned or limited( semi banned (

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The fact that they can track where it’s coming from like an app like telegram just saddens me. The engagement is good and legit. Does this mean there is no way I can do it to look balanced?

I checked at the time and yes our hashtag was semi banned but now everything is working well so I don’t know if I should still use Telegram. The engagement was good


i don’t use telegram groups so I cannot respond that.

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Joining a telegram group to build your comments does not limit your page, engaging on a ton of people will.
I have a couple dozen viral accounts that get dropped in telegram groups and don’t have issues.

What you might be facing is a hashtag issue.


I stopped using engagement groups a while ago because I thought they did more harm than good. Idk if things have changed or not

I can’t seem to stop getting my ig accs banned with low follow settings

I have NEVER heard of accounts getting banned because of telegram.i have heard from many participants some of their accounts went to shit after using and only 1 success . This was only after she started using reposts from explore page. Instagram is slowly going after all our tools little by little, it would not suprise me if they have already cataloged groups in telegram and participants and one day can strike a hammer. They can’t touch dm groups by law, invasion of privacy , however we know they only follow their own rules.


I think if the comments are too spammy then it might cause a problem, but if they are long enough and relevant, then it should be good

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Makes sense. I haven’t tried this before. Could try just using one account for one page. Wondering if it would work

The comments were very legit and cool. We are a fashion mag so our comments are basic or a bit long. Depends on the reader though emoji also is allowed

So you feel maybe they tagged Telegram traffic as spam? Men that’s some shit

I don’t know …