Can my computer/ip address be flagged?

I cant log in to any of the profile i used or i want to use from my browser on my pc and on my laptop, it asks me for a code every time and whenever i type it in it just redirects me back to the log in page. Some of the articles i read say that instagram can flag your pc for logging in with multiple accounts and things like that so if that is true how do i fix that?

It can be flagged depending on how many actions/hour you are doing and how many accounts.
When using home IP you shouln’t run more than 2-3 accounts and take it easy on like/follow.

Edit: This block you are receiving is temporary, wait 3-6 hours and you’ll be able to login from browser.

People here say to use Multilogin I have used epicbrowser with no issues but I always use Jarvee embedded browser only just to be safe.

cant log in for the past 3 days, browser on laptop + pc and teh embedded ninjagram browser also, same problems

Yes :fire::fire:


Ouch that’s not good.

You should try calling your ISP provider and ask for a new ip range. You could tell them you are beeing ddos when gaming. It should be possible and easy to do depending on your provider.


Thanks a lot man!

How about you reset the power on your router,if its not fixed IP you should get a new public IP after that.
At least that works for me.