Can my IG marketing clients sue me?

Hey everyone, I’m new to mpsocial so this is my first post and couldn’t find anything on it so was curious.

If a clients account got banned or deleted…could they sue you?

What measures have you all taken to protect yourself from potential lawsuits or legal issues?

I wanted to get your thoughts and maybe some of you have a story you would like to share.

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Not if you had them accept a ToS stating you are not responsible for anything that happens to their account, means they agree to the risk.


so I have a link on my website that has terms of services but they don’t physically check a box saying I agree.

It sounds like what your saying is I just send them all an email with an “Updated Terms Of Service” and stop all action on their account until they reply with “I Agree” or an “All good, please continue service”

Well, with a proper setup you can have a checkbox stating “I agree” to the ToS.

That’s how I am set up, along with a CPA who would handle any legal issues that arise - also form an LLC if you can, that way your personal assets are safe.

Best of luck, and i have had two clients say that they are going to sue me, and I will hear from their lawyers, their full of shit.

I wouldn’t send them all an email, as that might make them worry as to why you sent that, and what changed.

Interesting, thanks for the insight.

Do you have any liability insurance as an added measure of security?

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Professional Liability Insurance.

A special type of coverage that protects your company against claims that a professional service you provided caused your client to suffer financial harm due to mistakes on your part (errors) or because you failed to perform some service (omissions).

That is what I have as well, recommended from my CPA ( get one of those if you can )


good point, what would you recommend to make sure I am staying safe in regards to having them agree to my TOS.

If you have a dashboard for your users, you can set up a popup message for the next time they login, inviting them to review your TOS and accept it, in order to continue. I think that is a non invasive way to manage that.

If you have few clients and no dashboard, you can explain them that, as you are growing, you are setting a more professional workflow and need them to sign a contract. You can use a service like for that.


That’s a great idea!

How much are you covered for?

It’s pretty inexpensive considering your coverage. I think I got a quote for 1 million pro liability for like $600 but each company is different so shop around just enough to know.

BTW $600 was for the year. Some places will discount it if you pay in full instead of monthly.

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Great thread. :+1:
FYI, we had a similar “discussion” about “getting clients to sign a contract” here:

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That’s so weird. It says I don’t have access to that topic. Sounds interesting!