Can no longer connect sign into any Facebook accounts on Jarvee without BLOCK/CHECKPOINT

Hi guys,

Been faced with an issue that’s had myself and team members scratching our heads the past few days.

We’ve been using Jarvee for quite some time and managing very large amounts of accounts from various suppliers and also taking proxies from different suppliers.

Recently we have faced an issue where we cannot get past the initial login with aged accounts without having them block straight away.

We’ve run series of tests including trying over 5 different IP companies that have always worked for us and different account batches from various suppliers with no successes.

I believe it could be down to Jarvee leaking something to Facebook resulting in the accounts being picked up on right away therefore blocking, possibly something relating to the user agent?

Has anyone experienced any issues such as this and does anyone have a solution🙏

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have you tried adding cookies?

I’ve noticed if new accounts are left without any info for a period of time, these will go straight to disabled on the first login!

Maybe a browser fingerprint issue?

How large is very large?

We’re in the process of trying with cookies to see if it helps.

We did have a substantial amount of accounts block recently also which could be related to a leak of some kind also.

We’re running around 2000-3000 accounts and we replace the accounts after 4 weeks usually so we turnover a lot.

I’ve been told to buy Id verified accounts but it’s just not cost effective due to the short lifespan of the accounts.

Still having issues with this, has anyone experienced similar issues?

I had the same issue. It had nothing to do with Jarvee. A few years ago I made FB accounts using US IPs. They were inactive for years, then when I wanted to connect them in Jarvee, i got blocked on the first login. I realized that happened because I was using German IP to log in. I was able to log in without verification after using US proxies. You should make sure that your proxies have the same location as the proxies your account supplier used during account creation.

If the proxies you created your accounts with don’t match the ones you’re trying to sign in with, you’re likely to get blocked. What proxies were you using for the initial setup? Were the accounts bought from an external seller?

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Hey I need to talk to you…You guys manage 2k plus ids on jarvee how…I manage Most of the Facebook Wrestling groups as a Admin but facing some issues can you help me with multiple Account Management. I mean some advices.