Can not send links in DMs

I have no issue over my network currently (2500+ acc) with accounts promoting clients, sharing their profile (or not).

Then, i guess they might have patched “mass DMs” (willingly or not).

It only affects EU receptors. Your clients as well, 100%.

Mass DM dead? Guess you m/s providers are dying for it to happen. Unfortunately, its not dead since you can still share posts worldwide.

Non Eu users can still have profiles shared regardless.

Yep, EU only. Everyone might be hit by this, i saw no reduced growth yet on all our systems, clients are fine, so i won’t bother searching further

Don’t worry, i don’t really care about mass DMs… We really aren’t in competition at all, we don’t end up in the same message box anyway :slight_smile:

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Only eu accounts will be hit by this.

Is there any way around this ridiculous downgrade? I use DMs a lot to send direct links to products to my customers.

no, I don’t think there is for the moment, but I’m curious to hear what the other users have to say.

Anybody knows how IG determine if a user is from EU or not? Changing the account proxy doesn’t help fixing the issue. Accounts which were created with non-EU IPs also get the same issue.

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