Can not send links in DMs

Hello people,
i have since this morning the problem that my links in dms no longer work across all my accounts. after that i sent a link with the instagram app on my phone. exactly the same problem. Anyone else having the same problem?
(the link is still displayed, but no longer clickable)

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It’s a recent issue on IG end since today. You can’t do anything about it for now

Okay :frowning:
Thanks for your response!

I sent links in DMs fine today

Are you in the EU? I’m guessing you’re not?

It’s not an “issue”. It affects everyone in the EU, correct me if I’m wrong.

New EU compliant BS, at least that’s their side of the story. I don’t believe half of it, there’s probably another reason. Killing spam, for example.

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Just external links or sharing posts also?

Sharing links and profiles. “Share profile” button is gone. If you still see it, it will be gone if you update your app.

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That’s hard problem for mass dm’s…

Looks like most affected people will be the ones that already had to convince people with the shared profile link taking attention off of the spam account due to the dummy account looking stupid as fuck.

It will be all about good m/s childs again.

Mass DM has had its fun time

Exactly, i also did keep repeating this since some time now. Mass DMs started to get patched a few months ago already, it’s just a matter of time it will get fully fixed (if it’s not the case yet).

People need to rely on non-spammy way to build their business.

  • Total follows > 7500 : patched.
  • F/U > 1000 / day : patched.
  • Likes > 1000 / day : patched.
  • Story Viewing (up to 10mil. / day) : patched.
  • Mass DMs (mil. / day) : living on the edge, but i guess you know where it’s gonna end…
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That’s indeed really bad news. Thanks for your insights Parliament.

I just updated my app and was able to share my profile and to send a link. Profile from EU. Maybe this is not rolled out on all accounts yet.

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What country?

No, it isn’t rolled out on all profiles. Was your profile very active? I suspect it’s only on very active accounts.

The same problem, send a couple messages today and the link is not longer to click!

Just noticed I have the same issue on my accounts. Some of those accounts are new accounts and inactive.

This happened a couple of weeks ago once to one person and it stopped happening.

This morning I cannot DM one person on my UK client child accounts with share profile… Had to switch over to normal “Follow @username

Shame as it’s more detectable, and most quality audience are in the EU

As of today every single user un the EU has this profile send/link send limitation. Also, I do not think it’s temporary though if you ask me it seems quite ridiculous the fact that you can not share a profile to a friend or something, it’s pretty insane actually.

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how does this kill mass DMs, though? can’t you just send the @ instead?

Yeah, it’s a shame. It was a very buggy though, not easy to setup for users who don’t have a great feed. You can avoid the simple “follow @” if you’re creative enough

Probably, yeah. I don’t use mass DMs nowadays so can’t tell. Only thing i can say is that they already tried to patch it not long ago, and i’m not sure they’re gonna stop today

You can’t send “follow @” because the handle will not be clickable. @denis1 so no matter how creative you get, it’s still not clickable.