Can one earn money creating content for IG users and how much?

I’m asking for your personal experience guys:

  1. Is it worth it? How much someone can pay per photo/image/animation/video/caption?
  2. Is it easy to find people who will pay?
  3. Does content even matter if most followers are fake accounts / bots / people trying to do the same as I am :wink:
    Another words I like to create content but I don’t like to wish / beg / wait years for followers :wink:

Thx for reply :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what you’re asking. You want to know if it’s worth creating an instagram account? What do you mean by paying per photo?

i think he is very clear about it :slight_smile:

I dont think its easy. Dontgo for the cheap ones with 198216 accounts, they rather '‘borrow’ content;)

Go for the verified ones, the ones that needs amazing, unique content. I think there is some market for that for sure!



I’m curios if there’s anyone on the forum who buys or sells mentioned content and what’s his/hers experience about it :wink:

So it looks like I’ll have to find someone who’s willing to pay better money for better content, but with teenagers doing stuff so cheap nowadays :wink: i think it will be hard :wink:

Hi @MarkCalledBamBam

I found your question interesting so wanted to share my feedback, hope it helps you find the right customers that want to buy what you love doing.

What kind of content do you create and in what genres? If you give a little more specific information you will get a better answer from the forum. Are you a photographer, videographer, graphic designer or a bit of everything? What experience do you have? Do you have a portfolio of work?

All businesses on social media need content, they can never make enough as the expectation from their customers is now so high with many brands posting 3 times a day, there is defiantly a demand for content. Businesses can’t just survive on reposting content, they need original content. Small companies struggle to post every day even though they know it hurts their business. There are lots of real people and customers on Instagram.

When it comes to pricing there is no single answer, it’s a combination of your time and the value to the customer. Take a look around at similar creators to find out their hourly rate. Use google to find out typical rates.

If I could suggest anything it would be to look for businesses that post similar content to what you are creating, hopefully your content will be a bit better and you can offer them your services through DM. You will need example content to show them.

If you love creating then find a customer for it and share what you can do. The details will fall into place and in a little time you will have a full service agency and a profitable business.

All the best of luck!

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