Can simply having an account valid on Jarvee prompt temporary account locks and force password resets?

Here’s an interesting discovery. Would be good to see what you guys think about it and what experience do you have.

In short, I’ve got an inactive account logged in on my phone that I haven’t done anything with for year+. It’s been sitting on Jarvee being valid for around the same time not doing any actions.

This account now had 3 ‘Temporary Locked’ prompts on IG forcing me to reset the password.

All the tools are off, and below are the only profile settings that could have any actions done. So only the daily sync could cause the temp locks.

I’m quite puzzled, unless this ‘pattern of daily’ check is suspicious to IG and gets the locks, what else could be triggering it? I understand when this happens to accounts with daily actions, but zero actions and still getting this several times in a couple of weeks. Weird?

Maybe it could help you to understand if you would checked most recent successful API calls for this account. You can check this on TOOLS section, filter this account and then ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES and choose EXPORT MOST RECENT SUCCESSFUL API CALLS.

Is this account maybe used as scraper even if it’s not executing actions itself?