Can slave accounts hurt the main?

can the slave accounts hurt the main account ?
even though they have no connection to each other when it comes to proxies, phone number, email…etc ?

if yes, how to prevent that ?

Thank you

I don’t think so. However I say that with all mine connected.
What is not told about m/s is that often when a slave follower unfollows that slave – it also unfollows main.
However the growth is so good on the main – if done correctly it does not matter.
BTW – contrary to what people say – insta knows its the main.
I have never experienced – or heard/seen – a slave getting hammered hurting the main.


I had not yet used this method but I believe it’s one of the safest to grow an authority account with quasi nul risk involved!

risks are part of the game. even posting by phone –
no such thing as a risk free account.

Yes of course but the degree varies depending on many factors, doing M/S method to grow an account is so far less risky than F/U method! at least it’s what I understood from others experiences as I never use it before!

in todays insta – this is very, very true. just do it. :slight_smile:

Yes they can depending what you do, i did something before method was very popular, so main account was shadowbanned and enagement totally killed. I suppose it was because i reposted content from main acc to clone accounts and i tagged main account under every photo + in bio. I did try only with 7 accounts, i was testing the way to see if it can grow with it, but after i seen what happened to main account engagement i stopped doing it right away. I was suprissd later to see it become so popular method, so its very possible i got shadowban because i reposted and tagged main account on every photo on every slave account. I guess you should be ok if doing method right…

Very surprised to hear that. What’s the right method then? Post completely different content or not tag main in each post? How to drive growth to the main then? Only DM?

Well i dont know whats right i just said what i did long ago and what happened, some people dont post any content on acc, some people are sending DMs, i guess you have to find whats working best for you especially now when instagram is very restrictive…

Safest method of growth from my research - just got to start slow with a few slaves