Can someone activate my sim card?

Here in Germany you have to activate your sim card with a video call. Now I’ve noticed that my temporary ID has expired recently. Can someone activate my sim card for a small fee?

Ask a family friend? From school? Your sister?

Nobody will do that here for you:) I can get someone for you, for 400$ :wink:

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I asked my mom but shes curious about things like that haha

What do you want to use the SIM card for? If it is just for receiving SMS then no activation required (e.g. lycamobile). But if you need data and voice… how about a “one night stand” :slight_smile:

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I need it for data and Internet for my rooted phone, with which I want to create accounts from :smile:

Other option is to buy a mobile proxy that allows IG account creation.

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Hey! I messaged you on the Telegram for the discussion if you remember we were talking on a thread.

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Yes I thought about that but accounts created on the phone are much more real and strong than on computer

Hey bro, @adidam sorry I werent online in Telegram
I take a look now

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you can also connect your phone with a mobile proxy using your wifi

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Yeah I know but it has to Change IP and IP of creation should be local (Germany)

I will go on looking for someone who can activate my Sim

It will be hard to find here, who know for what uses you gonna use it after activation.

When you’ve someone else card, you will not fear to do some nasty things in future. Who know you might even call someone from your college and call her a slut. Or create fake profile on someone or sell something illegal on social media…the list is too big.

But as @dma0245 said, he can find someone for $400 :smiley:


Yeah I completely understand haha
I asked some friends thank you guys :smiley:
And when no one can do it I will come back to you @dma0245 :wink: :smiley:

But another question, thank you that you gave me the idea with this thread, is: Does creating accounts on a rooted phone with changing device ID and all this stuff leave footprints recurring to your SIM card or the owner? Can there be any connection when I just use the SIM as internet source and change the IP all the time?


People only talk about browser/app footprints, but what about your accounts footprints? like similar bio/similar action/similar content/ similar source to follow etc…

Insta keep blocking even pro accounts as well, you just need to learn from that, there is no any complete list.