Can someone explain what is going on here? This will blow your mind!

And some people are making money of that bug. And yeah, it’s important.

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Yeah a few hundred dollars at max

You can always scale it


probably just going hard for that lvl 2



A man needs his lvl 2.


I’ve seen people are doing those things on Instagram:

  1. Having a real time clock on the profile picture
  2. Having a >1min video on the Feed not as IGTV video
  3. Posting hundreds of thousands pictures in a span of just 1 hour
  4. Posting private content that you can’t actually see
  5. Making Live story videos with pre-recorded videos
  6. and so many other things :smiley:

and then banking


Damn really? Do you know people who are doing it currently? Wdym by private content that you can’t see ?

I don’t know those people personally, just saw people who manage to do those things on various forums. Private content: your example is one of them (has 12 posts but you see only 1)


This one is awesome. Cause then videoes can be edited before going “live”.



Ha ha. This does not seem like a very long-term strategy to me. I guess we’ll find out

What is going on haha. I checked it out and the 12 posts number is real. Is this a bug?

Some people told me it’s a Python hack or sth.

12 white images :joy:

if it’s just white images, you would be able to click on them

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Exactly my point.

Didn’t click on them…hmm

No click. I wonder if there is a ubdocumented API call they found to make it unclickable. Interest grows might do some decompiling this weekend on the apk

It’s not blank posts. If you pull the graphql of the profile, there is really only one post. He somehow tricked the post count to show 12 I’m guessing.


Somewhere the click event is killed or bypassed somehow. Or some bug in archive/posting exploited