Can someone give some advice

I kept triggering email verification or phone verification, below is what I do and I need some advice

  1. Every day I share a few of her old posts and one of her recent post to her story & I participate her pod on her behalf, an Instagram DM channel (done manually through my own phone, I am at a different country from her, not using proxy on my phone)
  2. She likes to log into her account and answer all comments end of the day ( I am not active on MP or on my phone when that happens)
  3. Set her account on MP to like around 200/day (on a proxy on MP)

It was fine a few weeks ago, but since this week, I’ve triggered one email verification and one phone verification, what do I do?

" (done manually through my own phone, I am at a different country from her, not using proxy on my phone)"

This is mainly the issue that causes you the EV and PV you need to have a proxy on that account all the time and she need to be logged out when your are doing actions.

login from 2 devices and doing actions at the same time is not helpful at all even if it’s just scrolling.

How do I use the same proxy that is on my MP on my phone& on my client phone?

When i am not using her account doing actions on MP or on my phone, do I need to logout? Thanks

You need a proxy in her country. Instagram is seeing this as two different devices being used across the globe. Huge red flag.

This is because your device has a different location than her device. Instagram is seeing this as your flying across the globe way too fast.

This is a lot of actions when you combine it with commenting end of the day.

My suggestion is to stop MP & log out of your account for 3-5 days. Get a proxy on our phone that is close to hers and lower your limits on MP

According US agencies that have a lot of proxies with us,that is not an issue and also does not really reflect what I have been seeing in the past.

Client onboarding should be done with a close by VPN - because a new login from a different location triggers account takeover protections - and can be switched over to the final proxy once the account is valid (assuming proper advanced social profile settings on Jarvee have been applied).

If that would be a red flag a lot of those agencies would be out of business (myself included). While I agree with you that it would mage logical sense, in the real world Instagram is not relying on that. Especially since the shift from IP trust to account trust this year. The location even plays a smaller role now.

It might go away again. Instagram is - and always has - fucking up things from time to time until there are enough complains. Give it some time and adjust your account shift according to her activity times. If that does not help, let us know.

Recently that behavior has been reported more than normally, even if you use a residential line that is only 200 meters away. So I doubt that this is a general location issue.


Interesting. I’ve never done manual growth so I wouldn’t know, but it’s possible to be in one account on two different devices and two different locations as long as the account trust score is good?

What do you mean by this?

I am not involved in manual growth either :sweat_smile:

Yes. 100%

You just use a proxy close to the client for getting the cookie (most people use a VPN service because it is cheap and the path of least resistance) and once you have the cookie you can switch it to any other proxy for keeping it running.

The above is normally not required.

Just for some accounts that have trouble with jumping regions to fast.